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Weekly/Monthly Computer / Technology Assignments

Always save documents at home and school. Use your Google Drive for storage/backups and presentations. When offline, use a flash drive or other removable media storage backup.

Technical problems or lack of a computer with proper software does not excuse students from completing missed assignments or unfinished classwork. The Lab is available every day during 5th-6th period, in addition to evening computer access at the Public Library.

*See me at least 2 days before your next class if you have a problem with completing past due classwork. The time to discuss problems making up missed classes is not the night before or the day of your next class.

Other than a serious family/health issue or prolonged emergency situation, a week is is sufficient time to find, access, and complete unfinished class assignments. Please don’t wait until the night before to work on assignments! Always plan for more time than you think you will need.

Stay Safe and Keep informed of Technology Safety

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