Mr. Silberman’s
Most of the year is a concentration on critical data entry and digital manipulation techniques in application software with a third of the year learning the foundations of Computer Science.

Students without computers, or required software at home may need to come back to the Lab during recess periods if they have been absent, or have fallen behind in classwork and are unable to complete computer assignments outside of class.

Completing assignments outside the building is optional. Grades 6-8 are middle school and must begin preparing for 21st century skills. Every opportunity is made available for students to complete assignments in class, and or during school hours. However, absences do not excuse a student from making up assignments before the next scheduled class. Students should utilize this site immediately after an absence. The student is responsible to make up the assignments prior to the next scheduled class. Students should not wait until the night before to check what was missed. Late work will receive a reduced grade.

Don’t wait until the last minute and you will be able to overcome whatever problem you encounter with time to spare.

Students do not need brand new computers. However, computer software must be updated frequently to keep up with security patches and compatibility fixes that are constantly being discovered. Your computer should have an daily updated antivirus program if using a Windows based computer. Internet browsers must be updated for a variety of fixes including updated security and content playback functionality. Every browser from Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc. has security alerts and update messages. Do not ignore them or functionality will be lost and security features will not be updated. As a Google Schools District, Chrome Browser is required for students to take full advantage of tools available and is available on all platforms and most if not all devices. All of this suggests that it would be a good idea to have a broadband Internet connection to make these actions take as little as minutes to a few seconds. This site is HTML based and contains little or no Flash in order to allow maximum compatibility with even the oldest computers. Flash content is processor intensive and overwhelms computers more than few years old. QuickTime movie player and plugin for Internet browsers is not always included in all browser installations. You will be prompted to download QuickTime from Apple regardless of PC Windows/Mac if your browser does not have it installed when attempting to playback my Video-Casts. Installing iTunes which bundles QuickTime Player also allows playback of downloaded video and is recommended.

The Ridgefield School District has been very proactive in providing a variety of mobile devices and desktop platforms in order to best prepare students for current and future needs. Parents and students are now expected to obtain most of the communications and educational materials through our district web portal and website. Student assignments, lessons, and assessments are obtainable through portal access and links that can all be found through navigating the Ridgefield District Website. Students can later access teacher pages, Google accounts, and many other resources directly once they become familiar with the actual page locations for the tools they use most frequently. The web has evolved tremendously over the years and many more applications and documents have become web viewable and many can be edited directly within the browser. However, there are still a number of documents and application software that require a local installation and offline composition when creating and editing as is the case for MS-Office documents being accessed without having installed the latest Microsoft Tools for the web. Many simple office documents can be converted to Google Docs after uploading to the student’s Google Drive (online storage via the Google Account Login) and from that point can be edited online. Only some of the most common features of MS documents are accessible online once converted but often those are sufficient substitutes for completing assignments when Microsoft Office installations are not available.

When Photography assignments are issued students that have fallen behind may choose to download free trials of Photoshop if they choose to complete assignments at home. Be aware that these programs tend to be very demanding on computer resources.

*Please remember that Technology is constantly improving. It is important to keep programs up to date. If you experience any problems using the Internet, Adobe Reader, or Apple Quicktime Player to access, read or watch my videos, please check for an update, your security settings and that you have allowed sufficient time for the content to load. Broadband internet is required for faster streaming and downloading of large video content. Students should copy these files to their flash drive at school whenever possible if a broadband connection is not available outside of school.

*Students should have a flash drive to transport documents to and from school in the event work is not completed in class.


What you should know

Everyone can learn and thrive in a learning environment that is stimulating, emotionally safe, and consistent with the abilities of the students. A supportive home environment dramatically improves success!

Accessing online video and documents.

Please make sure you have an updated internet browser. Firefox is highly recommended due to its automatic update functionality.

If not set to automatic update, please check for browser updates and allow java updates when prompted.

Websites often require new features in these updates to function properly.


Project based Assignments and cross-curricular content that is used every day in the business world.

This is the 21st Century. Our students must be computer literate and proficient in keyboarding. Weakness in these areas will affect every other class going forward.

Every opportunity has been extended for students to do well in this class. Class assignments are designed to be able to be completed by all levels within one or two classes. Students unable to complete the assignments do to behavioral issues are expected to make up work during recess or at home via flash drive/dropbox or detention as the case may require. Grades 6-8 are expected to be able to complete the assignments on time regardless of attendance. Extensive effort is made to ensure students may participate from anywhere via this website with video instructions and downloadable content.

Work not completed in class can be uploaded to Google Drive or a flash drive for completion offline. Most assignments are due before the next class meeting. Photography assignments requiring software, or equipment at home can be accomplished during recess in the school library.

Not having a flash drive or a computer at home does not excuse a student from completing unfinished classwork. Students must make up incomplete or missing assignments. It is the students responsibility to come back to the Lab at one, or more of the available times that work with their schedule.

Access this website for instructions and downloads when ever applicable to complete assignments. Photography assignments download links are provided with the assignments whenever possible.

Even in the event of a misplaced or damaged flash drive, students can access work online and upload the document to their Google Drive Account. Classwork must always be saved on the classroom computer first, and a backup should be saved to Google Drive, and or a flash drive at the end of class so that students have the most updated copies saved in two places before leaving the classroom.

Any student that has fallen behind has the opportunity to come in during lunch/recess periods. I never go out for lunch and rarely leave my room for more than a few minutes. Unless I’m absent or attending to other building technology issues, I will be there. Students are advised to wait at the library door when there are no teachers present. The library has three separate room sections. The main library media center is room 114. My classroom is 114a. The area in the back of the media center that has  3/4 wall divider and no door is library 114b. No one is allowed to be in any part of the library/media center unsupervised and in the event that I’m not there, students are advised to wait at the library door until a teacher arrives.


Complete Unfinished Work -

During Recess, at home, friend’s home, or at the town library before the next class.